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You've written a book. And now you want to see it in print, not as pages in a binder or sitting on your computer. You want to turn your manuscript into an attractive, professional-quality book.

Publish-a-bookConfused? Publishing a book can be a bewildering process. We will give you a free, no-obligation consultation, answering all your questions. With personal contact from start to finish, you can choose the level of service to suit your needs and budget.

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Who should publish your book?

A publisher issues the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) which is required if you plan to sell your book to the public. If you decide to self-publish, you create your own publishing company and obtain your own ISBN. If you don’t want to bother with that, Vivalogue can issue an ISBN for you and publish your book under our imprint.

What is print-on-demand?

A Print-on-Demand (POD) company charges you a fee to design your book and then prints individual copies as they are ordered. The catch is that they generally set the retail price and then keep a significant percentage of the proceeds on each order. You effectively buy your own book back at wholesale prices in order to sell it at its retail price. Vivalogue is not a POD publisher – you retain 100% of the control and 100% of the revenue.

How many copies should I print?

Regardless of how you decide to publish, sales of your book will directly reflect the amount of time and energy you are prepared to devote to marketing it. If this is a challenge you find appealing, you will be able to reduce your per-book cost by printing a relatively large quantity of books. If you hate the idea of promoting your book, you should reduce your print run or produce an e-book instead.

What makes a professional-quality book and what does it cost?

To produce a professional-quality book, you need professional proof-reading, good page and cover design and quality printing.