All our prices for our services are listed below. Before you start any project with Vivalogue, you will be given a written quote for the work. It's not an estimate, it's the total fixed cost. You will know upfront exactly how much your book is going to cost – no surprises.

PricesExcept for our Milestone books, we quote printing costs separately, once we have discussed your project with you. We are not affiliated with any one printer and we always get competitive quotes, so we can get you the best possible price. Your printing quote will be given to you, in writing, before we start work on your book.

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Package prices

Milestone or one-off book (first copy, per page)

includes full creation and printing of a hard-back
full-colour book, 20 pages minimum


Milestone or one-off book (additional copies, per page)


Personal memoir or family history (per page)

includes interviews, transcription, writing, photo and document management, design and layout, and proofreading (not including printing)


Complete page production(per page)

includes everything required to produce a print-ready page: design, layout, image placement, editing and proofreading


Publication package for authors

includes ISBN, bar code, legal deposit, cataloguing and copyright registration



A la carte prices

Design and layout

First 100 pages (per text-only page)


Design and layout

Additional pages: 101+ (per text-only page)



Spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency (per page)



As proofreading, with the addition of structural revisions to improve clarity and coherence plus fact-checking (per page)


Custom cover design

Full colour, custom designed cover and/or book jacket



Original writing including captions, introductions or other additional material (per word)


Image placement (per image)


Photo and document scanning (per item)


Photo enhancement (per photo, not full restoration)


Stock image sourcing (per image)



Web-based services

E-book creation

Converting your existing book files into both Epub and Mobi files for all e-readers and for Kindle


Author website

Includes domain name registration and hosting for two years. Up to four static pages.


PDF animated flip book

Promotional mini-book for use on the web. Click here for a sample. Created from existing files.